Since 2009 we have been asked to conduct workshops on the toolkit and this has grown over time to include several topics.  The trainings range from 1 hour to 6 hours in length.

The topics of workshops include:

  • Pharmaceutical Abuse
  • Pharmaceutical Abuse Crimes and Prevention (Law Enforcement Only)
  • Emerging Drug Trends
  • Best Practices in Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Crisis Management – Detect, Deter, React, Recover(Active Shooter & Acts of Violence)
  • Social Media Trends

Some of the groups that we have presented to include:

  • Wisconsin Safe and Heathy Schools
  • School districts throughout Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Coroners and Medical Examiners Association
  • Wisconsin Adolescent Health Symposium
  • Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association
  • Wisconsin Association of Community Oriented Police
  • Wisconsin Problem Oriented Police Conference
  • Northwoods Coalition
  • New England Traffic Safety Educators Association
  • SAMHSA Community Based Organizations Regional Trainings
  • Great Lakes Pharmaceutical Waste Working Group
  • Thedacare Behavioral Health
  • Wisconsin DARE Officers Association
  • Kansas City, KS Public Schools Police Department
  • Menomonee (WI) Tribal
  • Ho Chunk Nation (WI)
  • Winnebago Tribe (NE)
  • Standing Rock Tribe (ND)
  • Fox Valley Fire Chief’s Association

Click  for a bio of our instructors.

Here is a news story on a training in LaCrosse.

If interested in a training

Here is a news clip from a training in the Lacrosse area.



This site is dedicated to keeping our schools and communities safe through raising the awareness of emerging drug trends, social media trends and active threat mitigation.